It’s like Maroon

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Its quite amazing how you can turn an ordinary IKEA lamp into an impromptu photography light source when your friends come over for dinner and decide that it would be a photo-op session instead. It’s one of the beauties of being business/blogging partners and being neighbors. One minute you’re doing the dishes, and then before you know it, you’re taking photos like how editorials would do it (at least, I hope so).

Are you still a little hung over from the long Dubai weekend? We are too! How are you guys getting by, so far? Thnk you so much for all the new views and likes and follows we’ve been earning the past few days. The site revamp was sudden but we think it really brushed up our game. Anything new you would like to share with us, you can let us know via the commets section below.

Or if you’re interested to work with us, or just want to pop a note, you can reach us at


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