The spark that ignited the hunger for great things started on this very room, the humble beginning, the 1816 apartment.

Bewildered for years, just like any other in this generation, what to pursue and how to pursue it would always be the tough question that also needs a tough answer. Given the chance to take a few steps forwards, I grabbed it and promised to never look back.

For what it’s worth,  it’s time to walk the walk and show the world what I’m made of.

The 1816.com is a personal blog for my spontaneous adventures and a little bit of Art and Fashion; set in the sandy pits of Dubai and around the world— this world where dreams are high but within reach, my world, your world.

Dubai Fashion Blogger the 1816 02

A Fashion Buyer / Designer by profession and a Traveler by heart.

Abu Dhabi_the 1816_Old Emirati Adventure_Photography_Style and Fashion Blogging_07


The 1816 is all about living life to the fullest, going places and sharing memories.

A little bit of everything

Welcome to my bucket list




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